Our Services:

Sudelac Sanitising Services

  • A new division in 2020 that provides Commercial and Residential Sanitising Services delivered as a “Dry Mist” disinfecting and sterilising the air and everything it contacts. Conducted by HSE trained professionals on your premises. A fogging/misting process conducted with high quality professional equipment.  Sanitises all treated areas quickly, effectively, and economically. Suitable for use in most working environments, Offices, Workshops, Gym’s, Vehicles, Kitchens, Dental Practices, Schools, Care-Homes, Child Nurseries and many more.

Float Equipment Assurance

  • A service to ensure that Float Equipment items, new or old, are fit for their intended purpose before they are transported to the rig site or used. The process is staged and can include some or all of the following; a Documentation Review, Visual Inspection, Dimensional and Physical Inspection and lastly Pressure and Load Testing of each item to produce a final PASS or FAIL Report. The whole process assists the end-user in risk mitigation, stock management and cost control. Float Equipment Assurance can be used as part of the overall process of Cementing Operational Effectiveness.

Down-Hole Equipment Assurance

  • Down-Hole Equipment Assurance Services are provided by skilled and industry experienced technicians as part of the overall process to minimise Non Productive Time (NPT) in well operations. It is usually conducted onshore on the behalf of E and P Operators or Well Construction Management providers prior to equipment mobilisation. The service can encompass, documentation review, visual inspection, dimensional and physical inspection, assembly and preparation monitoring, testing and function witnessing, all against industry standards or client specifications. The service can be applied to individual tasks or full Quality Plan development and progress monitoring.

Failure Investigation Services (Available as Expert Witness)

  • A service to investigate and identify the root cause of oil and gas well down-hole equipment failures. It is usually conducted onshore on the behalf of E and P Operators or Well Construction Management providers after significant Non Productive Time (NPT) has occurred. The service involves studying the sequence of events from rig and vendor reports, analysing equipment specifications and Quality Control documentation, reviewing formal assembly and/or installation procedures, interviewing personnel, inspecting equipment, fact finding and detailed reporting of findings. Conclusions of root cause and recommendations to prevent recurrence are made.

Product Design, Development Management

  • A service, project managed to design and develop oil and gas well products based on client brief and/or functional specification. The concept product can be evolved through to prototype manufacturing, product testing, field testing and even early commercialisation assistance. The process is staged and can include some or all of the following; Mechanical Design, FEA/Analysis, Structural Design, Drafting, Manufacturing, Benching/Workshop Testing, Test Well/Field Trials.

Business Development/Commercialisation Management

  • Providing professional consultative assistance to companies with business development or product commercialisation challenges. Based on more than 25 years of product/service sales, operations and commercialisation experience this service can significantly enhance the ability of SME's to more rapidly roll-out their offering. The consultants have a track record of success of product commercialisation with E and P companies at both IOC and NOC status as well as large or smaller Independents. This service is offered on a UK domestic or international basis depending on the circumstances.