CasingIDTOOL Takes Off

September 29, 2013 at 8:15 AM

Sudelac launched the CasingIDTOOL in May of 2013 but already the up-take has been significant. More than 9 systems have been supplied to 4 different clients across the UK, Malaysia and Angola. There are several new clients in the UAE, USA and Brazil evaluating proposals currently.

The CasingIDTOOL has been designed for quick, accurate, self-centring casing ID measuring to assist the operator in determining the actual average casing joint ID and thus bring more accuracy the casing displacement volume during cementation operations.

The CasingIDTOOL is now complimented by the CasingLENGTHTOOL, a hand-held laser based measuring tool to obtain a more accurate casing length tally. This will further enhance the casing and liner running and cementation operations.