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SUDELAC is pleased to announce that the EzeeDROPPER DP Cement Head has been granted a patent by the UK patent office with other patents pending.

The EzeeDROPPER™ DP Cement Head is a simple, versatile and robust tool to enable most drill pipe wiper darts, setting or cleaning balls (hard or soft) or other similar devices to be released into the drill-string from the rig floor and displaced down the pipe during various cementing or pumping operations. The tool allows endless numbers of devices to be dropped without having to open up the drill pipe or break drill string connections. There is no need to pre-load the devices prior to shipping the EzeeDROPPER™, nor in advance of the job. The ball or dart is simply manually loaded into the head each time the operation dictates. The tool is easy to operate and only requires one person to pull a handle down +/- 45 degrees to place a loading tube containing the ball or dart into the EzeeDROPPER™, then lift the handle up again placing the device into the fluid flow stream when the pumps are activated. When the handle is pulled down the insert rotates, closing off flow and pressure from above and below, to enable an empty loading tube to be removed and another device contained in a loading tube to be inserted. If required the operator can check a device has left the head quickly visually. Not all devices have to be placed in a loading tube to release them.