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The Cement Support Tool CST is used to form the base of balanced cement plugs in wells by pumping the device down the inside of the work-string into the desired position for the bottom of the cement plug. The CST tool exits the work-string into the Open Hole or Casing and opens up somewhat like an umbrella un-folding and sets inside the hole to prevent the cement from falling or moving or flipping in the well. The CST tool is now available directly from Sudelac to clients for use anywhere globally. The CST comes supplied ready to use in its purpose built launch tube no service engineer or training is required just following a simple and straight-forward procedure. The CST is drillable if required has been used successfully 1000's of times in recent years. The CST is used in new and old wells whenever a balanced cement plug needs to be set for whatever reason and is especially suited to help set reliable plugs in the well abandonment process. Contact for more information.