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Simple New Devices Launched

November 13, 2015 at 2:57 PM


Sudelac has recently launched two simple products to enhance their cementing products portfolio than can be used in drilling, completions or well abandonment. The Foam Wiper Ball is simply a flexible wiper ball used to clean down-hole tubulars during or after cementing operations and the LaunchTOOL is a simple but effective way to get wiper darts or foam balls into the work-string. Sudelac now carries stock of numerous diameters of foam wiper balls for immediate call-out. The LaunchTOOL is supplied with the correct drill string to tubular pin connection on it to allow hand make-up to the pipe and to allow balls or darts to be pushed into the string. Whilst simple, the low cost devices can save rig time, enhance cementing operations and reduce the risk to the tubular threaded connections.


Sudelac is currently developing a new concept in cement heads and plug dropping devices that will allow numerous balls or darts to be inserted into the drill string and pumped away without the need to break connections but by a simple one handed lever operation, for more information contact