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In July 2018 Sudelac added the capability of pre-use pressure and load testing float equipment in sizes 16", 18.5/8" up to 20" when previously the maximum size that could be tested was 13.5/8" float equipment. Sudelac has been able to pre-use pressure test float equipment as loose items or when already made up to joints of casing since 2011. The most commonly tested sizes are 4.5", 7", and 9.5/8", but many 13.3/8" and some 13.5/8" have also been tested. There have been numerous opportunities to test 20" during the last few years so Sudelac decided to add a 16.000-20.000" FloatCHECKER PT Test Pod to the range to larger sizes. The ability to pre-use pressure and load test float equipment can be applied to new equipment that is usually supplied untested by manufacturers or older float equipment that has been stored for extended periods. Sudelac can test most float shoes, float collars and reamer shoes up to their full API 10F rating.