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Full Float Testing Capability in Malaysia

June 29, 2014 at 6:31 AM

Sudelac and its local partner SERA Energy have now placed a full FloatCHECKER PT pre-use float equipment testing capability in Malaysia. SERA Energy is now able to supply a fully supported float equipment pressure and load testing service locally. SERA Energy is fully authorised by SUDELAC to provide these services and the appropriate PETRONAS SWEC code has been issued to SERA Energy. Work has already been completed for 2 prominent Malaysian operating companies and several new clients are expected before the end of the year. SERA Energy can be contacted on +603 7832 7372.

SUDELAC's Float Equipment Assurance apparatus and methods are now patent granted in the USA and the UK with other international patents pending including Malaysia.

Sudelac can confirm that of the 100's of pieces of float equipment that they have pre-use tested during the last 24 months or so, that has been run, not a single in well failure has been reported.